• Joint Venture with Technicoat – a world leader in coatings.
  • Established a State of the Art Coating facility in India
  • Application of functional high-tech coatings such as Non-stick Fluropolymers, Non-wetting Surface coatings and Heat Resistance coatings.
  • Provide non-adhesive, anticorrosion solutions and dry lubrication
  • Coatings include TEFLON®, XYLAN®, HALAR®, RILSAN®, EVERSLIK® etc.

Our High Corrosion Resistant coatings are used in Oil and Gas subsea as well as surface installations for the components which are exposed to salt water. For various industries like Automotive, Chemical and Pharmaceuticals and Painting and Surface Protection; we have already been approved as one of the trusted coating and service providers. Our coatings are manufactured with precision and have Cryogenic stability and Electrical properties.