Hydrostatic Testing of components compliant to International and IBR certification


  • Leading equipment and services providers for the Oil and Gas vertical wanted to source a Hydrostatically Tested, Finish Machined Valve Body
  • Client wanted to consolidate from 3 suppliers (Forging, Finish Machining and Hydrostatic Testing) to 1 supplier who could do all this as a 1-Stop Shop
  • Client wanted to save logistics and related costs incurred in dealing with the 3 suppliers


  • WHF used to outsource the Hydrostatic Testing and now WHF had to ….
  • Design should sustain 150 bar pressure for 2 minutes of the entire test time on the components manufactured by WHF at room temperature.
  • The design had to meet compliance requirements for International Certification of PED 97/43/EC Annex I Clause 4.3


Hydrostatic Testing was an outsourced process for WHF.  In this testing capacity, WHF evolved its capabilities to become a certified tester.

Follow an organized approach.

  • Understand the basics
  • Understand and implement industry standards
  • Design the testing circuit.
  • Choose the right aggregates to keep process qualified.
  • Follow all regulatory norms to produce a certified design for client.


  • Successful completion of the project – components that meet the desired characteristics and regulatory norms
  • The client qualified WHF for production of a series of the tested components including several new ones.